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10 Golden Rules to Be Skin Ready for the New Year


Welcome the New Year with a New You! Get glowing skin by kickstarting a balanced, healthy lifestyle with the help of our 10 tips!

  1. Are you drinking enough water?

It is a rule that has been tried and tested a million times over, so let’s finally follow it. Did you know our skin is 65% water? Without enough water our skin becomes dull, dehydrated, wrinkles and pores become more noticeable. Keep that skin hydrated or we begin to see the cracks appear over time! This is the leading first rule to get that healthy-looking, clean skin we all want.

  1. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on skincare products. If you are not eating a daily supply of fruits and vegetables, then what is the point? Skincare products help from the outside, but the nutrients and minerals from fruits and vegetables nourish your skin from within. Saying yes to seasonal fruit and veg means saying no to premature ageing.

  1. A better sweet alternative

We all know artificial sugars and sweeteners are bad for you. There is overflowing evidence about the dangers of eating too much sugar and sweeteners. It allows bacteria, yeasts and parasites to flourish in our bodies. So, why do we carry on eating it? Quite simply, it tastes so good and we’re addicted to it. Dig deep for that willpower to turn away from artificial sugars and sweeteners and stick to consuming fresh fruits for the natural sugar in them called fructose.

  1. Balanced meals at the right time

Sometimes our work or domestic life can get busy and we forget to look after ourselves. We tend to miss a meal, or wait too long to eat which leads us to fall prey to bingeing on junk food as a quick fix. We must have balanced meals at regular intervals to avoid the temptation to eat fast food, which is less nutritionally valuable and slows us down in our path to glowing skin!

  1. Take a break from your phone

We have all been there before: you are in bed, but you cannot resist checking your phone one last time and before you know it, it’s 2 in the morning. Technology is great, but it is disrupting your sleep pattern which leads to poor skin health and overall diminished energy. Take care of your skin and take time to rest by resisting your phone once you get into bed.

  1. Run for flawless skin

The benefits of exercising extend beyond slimming down and muscle tone. Have you noticed that after you exercise your skin looks dewy, bright and plumped up? Exercise boosts blood circulation, which visibly improves your skin and your overall body including your brain.

  1. Manage your stress

Keep it at bay by taking some time out for yourself with short and frequent holidays to unwind. Stress is a part of everyone’s life, but it doesn’t have to take over. Enjoy a relaxed environment and nourish your skin by treating yourself with fresh local produce and seasonal fruits. Keep it simple: get some fresh air, read a book, do yoga, take some me-time.

  1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise

It is very important when you look for skincare products, that you find ones that are mild and gentle, so they do not strip away your skins natural oils. I recommend a cleanser twice a day, followed by a herbal toner and serum with good quality essential oils for your individual skin needs.

A tip for your lips: Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells. Remember to be gentle. If you’ve got time, why not make a lemon juice and honey scrub to exfoliate your lips? All you need is 4-5 drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1-2 drops of honey and a pinch of pink salt. Mix it together and gently scrub it onto your lips for a minute, leave it on for another minute and wash off gently. Next you can apply some coconut oil or aloe vera gel to keep your lips soft and well nourished. For every day on-the-go maintenance, use Gold Collagen Anti-Ageing Lip Volumiser to help restore your lips natural volume and protect from external damage.

  1. High quality vitamins and minerals

With winter upon us it is important to nourish and protect the skin from harsh free-radicals. The most important minerals for healthy skin are zinc, biotin and potassium. Try to eat foods rich in these nutrients or buy the right supplement that gives you these. The Pure Gold Collagen range of liquid supplements provides the right supply of nutrients for the skin; it’s the new winter skin secret loved by everyone from makeup artists to busy mums, so make sure you have yours and confidently show off your skin.

  1. Treat yourself!

Skin is the human body’s largest organ and it works so hard to keep you healthy. Return the favour by taking care of it with a luxurious Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask. Its unique second skin technology fits your facial contours, infusing a blend of hyaluronic acid, pearl extract and a powerful botanical complex of antioxidants to give your skin a hydration boost and a flawless, healthy glow for the new season. It’s time to relax and refresh your skin!



Vidhi, Nutritionist and R&D Consultant at Gold Collagen