I saw the advert and thought I'd give it a try

Reviewed by Kate In Vancouver | 2015-01-29
I've tried collagen supplements before, but I did not find any improvements to my complexion, so I was a little dubious. However, after trying it for 3 weeks now, I found that my complexion has softened, I will continue to take Gold Collagen and I am looking forward to even more improvements!

Now I believe it works!

Reviewed by Emily In Toronto | 2014-09-16
I doubted about the benefits it promised me at the very first time, but after trying 2 weeks I started noticing difference, especially for my nails and hair. Friends around me told me that my skin looks better and I have a healthy complexion. I am now on my third week of trying Pure GOLD COLLAGEN 30 day program and excited about to see what it can do more for me in the future.

Pure is my best friend!

Reviewed by Alice In London | 2014-09-12
Best collagen drink I've tried so far. Love the taste and my skin is very hydrated!

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