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Skincare starts with a sip but further protect and nurture your skin with “second skin” technology, so all your bases are covered. There’s no time to waste when it comes to fine lines and dehydration.

We think the perfect formula is one that improves skin hydration, texture and radiance. You can get just that when there’s a good source of active ingredients like antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, a botanical complex and glycerine – which the Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask has.

Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask is a natural solution for healthier looking skin, giving you a natural radiance and glow. If you haven’t tried it before, you’re in for a lovely treat. Enough with the sticky, messy masks you have to peel off in pieces or wash off.

Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask
What is a Hydrogel Mask?

It’s a face mask that has been formulated with a unique second skin technology. The mask’s gel of active ingredients seeps into the pores of your skin as it reaches body temperature. It releases its active ingredients into your skin to restore radiance and hydration. The Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask provides an immediate cooling effect which leaves your skin feel refreshed and revitalised straight after application. The mask targets dehydration in as little as 20 minutes. This intense hydration leaves your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. What more could you wish for?

What are the benefits:
  1. It’s so easy to use when you follow these 5, short and simple steps.
    • Cleanse and dry your skin thoroughly
    • Open pouch and remove the mask from the films
    • Apply to face
    • Leave on your face for 20-40 minutes for the hydrogel to be absorbed by your skin
    • All excess moisture from the mask will be absorbed to hydrate your skin
  2. Thanks to its cooling and soothing effect, the hydrogels active ingredients are release directly into your skin to penetrate the epidermis and nourish dehydrated skin.
  3. The mask is paced with rich antioxidants and hydrating ingredients in a gel-based solution. When you place the mask on your face, the surface tension of the gel provides the necessary seal on your face that is tight enough to let the active ingredients deeply penetrate the surface of your skin
  4. The "second skin" mask rests on your face without heavy pressure on your face and stays in place.

Once you’ve tried this amazing mask, you’ll be ready to go. Feel beautiful, rejuvenated and ready to get noticed!

The Gold Collagen® Team

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