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"Can Edible Collagen Turn Back The Clock?

Whether you eat it, drink it or mix it, collagen is being touted as the next beauty superfood for your skin.

Meghan Telpner was adding collagen powder to her smoothies years ago, long before it became a buzzy beauty trend. The Toronto-based holistic nutritionist fell fast for its neutral flavour profile (it lacks the unpleasant chalkiness that defines most other protein powders) and often uses it to give a boost to her morning smoothie. While she didn’t see a drastic overnight difference in her skin, she believes adding collagen powder to her diet helped her avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

Collagen, derived from the skin, bones and connective tissue of fish and cattle, is the next big thing in beauty. Suddenly, it’s everywhere: You’ll hear bloggers touting its virtues, see it lining drugstore shelves and find it in all kinds of packaged products, including protein bars and coffee creamers. Powdered versions can be stirred into everything from coffee to soup. When used as a nutricosmetic, or an edible beauty product, collagen is purported to help plump up and enhance the smoothness of your skin from the inside out. Jennifer Aniston — who is 50 but doesn’t look like she has aged a day since the last episode of Friends — swears the collagen supplements she takes give her a healthy glow. Who doesn’t want some of what she’s having?"

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