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1. Who should take GOLD COLLAGEN® products? +
2. Which GOLD COLLAGEN® product is right for me? +
3. Where can I buy the products? +
4. Who makes GOLD COLLAGEN®? +
5. How long has the product been on the market? +
6. What is collagen? +
7. What is the difference between the collagen in the skin and the collagen in the product? +
8. How does GOLD COLLAGEN® differ from your average anti-ageing cream? +
9. I’m in my 30’s, should I take GOLD COLLAGEN® Forte? +
10. I’m already taking Pure GOLD COLLAGEN®, should I take the new Forte product or stick with Pure? +
11. Where does the collagen come from? +
12. Why are the products in a liquid form rather than tablets? +
13. Do the products contain fish oils, porcine, chicken, beef, antibiotics, hormones (or phyto hormones or phytoestrogens), genetically modified organisms, use of nano technology, gluten, sugars, alcohol, artificial preservatives, or artificial colours? +
14. Do the products exert narcotic and psychotropic effects or have potent or drastic components, radioactive substances, banned food additives, antibiotics, insecticides and rodenticides? +
15. Are the products suitable for vegetarians? +
16. Are the products halal and kosher? +
17. What does the product taste like? +
18. What is the function of the black pepper extract? +
19. What is the source of hyaluronic acid? +
20. Do the GOLD COLLAGEN® products contain gold? +