'' We absolutely love testing new products here at UWM. As soon as a box arrives it’s a huge rush to see what’s inside! The items in this list were very kindly sent to us by the companies’ PR at no cost.

However, we do not have to write about an item, let alone anything positive! These are our honest opinions and are only featured because we think you may like them. Enjoy![...]


For the past few weeks, I have been taking this liquid beauty supplement to see what effect it has on my skin! The theory is that this nourishes from within, targets visible signs of ageing (perfect for me then) and gives you plumper more youthful skin[...]

So here is the good news! The fine lines on my face reduced, my skin looked younger/plumper but surprisingly for me was that I felt better inside. Having had several months struggling with low energy levels I felt that I had more life, more spring.

I am loving my skin and feeling chipper, what a fab product one which I will definitely continue to use! – Tina [...].'' Click here to read full review in The Ultimate Wedding magazine.

Active Gold Collagen in The Ultimate Wedding Magazine Active Gold Collagen®