Regional experts reveal their tips, tricks and product recommendations to keep your skin in shape this summer


'' Just as your style evolves when the weather heats up, so should your skincare. Bazaar booked in for a one-on-one with the best beauty aestheticians in town to get their definitive dos' and don'ts on how to adapt your face and body beauty routines in the sweltering summer months.

1. Upgrade Your Ingredients

 Control your oil, moisture levels and breakouts by looking for products that contain these multi-tasking miracle workers:

Vitamin C: It's an incredible antioxidant and it stimulates collagen production which increases glow and evens out spots. For best results, look for a high concentration and combine with vitamin E.

Peptides: Studies show certain peptides can boost collagen production or speed wound healing and mimic the effect of Botox when applied topically.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants are powerful substances that help to fight inflammation-containing substances in the body known as free radicals. Free radicals are emitted when your body breaks down food or taken in when your body is exposed to harmful irritants, when free radicals damage the body, they particularly break down collagen proteins in the body.

Hyaluronic Acid:  This little molecule helps keep skin plump, and is one of the world's finest humectants (elements that attract and retain water). It partners well with other active skin care ingredients, so you can layer it with retinol, for example, and use it daily.

- Rebecca Treston, Founder and Manager Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, Euromed Clinic Dubai 

2. Know When To De-Fuzz 

Epilation is one of the most effective methods for removing hair but the process comes with it's own set of rules. Never exfoliate, epilate and then head straight to the beach as the top layer of your skin will be more exposed that usual, meaning that harmful UV rays from the san can damage your new cutis - affecting collagen levels and elastin fibers.

To prep your skin for flawless epilation you should exfoliate 4-5 days before you plan to travel. This will release any ingrown hair under the skin plus as the dead skin will be sloughed off your skin will look more radiant and smooth. Exfoliation before epilation is a game changer in terms of getting the smoothest results [...].''Click here to read full article on the website.