My Skin Dares

Day 14: Make someone smile today


Here are 7 ways you can make someone smile today!

  1. Be creative! Buy a friend or colleague a gag gift that will bring a smile to their face every time they see it.
  2. Compliment freely. Don’t keep that compliment in your head, say it. Don’t be afraid to tell someone they have a nice haircut or outfit, just make sure you keep it genuine.
  3. Call an old friend. Reminisce about memories which are sure to bring a smile to your face and your friends.
  4. Be spontaneous! A moment of spontaneity lifts the mood.
  5. We all take things for granted whether we meant to or not, so maybe it’s time you express your gratefulness.
  6. Bring in some baked goods! Baked goods instantly put people in a great mood. (This should only apply to those who can bake tasty treats…)
  7. Be encouraging. Be that person who lifts others up and supports them.

Why do this?

  • You get to see the positive effective your action has on someone. As their face lights up, you’ll feel happier.
  • It’s just a good thing to do.
  • It will also boost your self-esteem.
  • Many believe in: you get what you give. If we treat others well, we’ll be treated well too.
  • It’s time to be the change you’ve wanted to see.