'' For a Health MOT: EIS Body Scan

What: EIS Body Scan by Gold Collagen (60-90 minutes)

Gold Collagen® Gold Collagen®

The Lowdown: Looking to discover more about your health? The EIS Body Scan by Gold Collagen is the answer. It’s an innovative, new technology that shows amazing things about your overall health. You will be connected to the EIS system using 6 electrodes – two plates for your hands, two plates for your feet and two electrodes for your forehead. Minute electrode currents, which are completely safe, are passed backwards and forwards from one plate to another enabling the EIS to scan your body. The computer then uses statistical and mathematical algorithms to display the results, from your hormone health, to mineral and vitamin levels, organ health and gut flora imbalances.

Why: The EIS has been a great way to understand the behaviour of the human body. The Gold Collagen’s Research & Development team have been using it to assist their product development, but have found that people are really interested in finding out more about whether they are eating the right or wrong things for their body. You’ll see things such as a 3D model of organs, glands and body segments, type and level of imbalance in body systems, oxidative stress risk, mental health status, hormonal values and body composition. It’s really like a full health MOT, and takes just 3 minutes.

Price: 60-90 minutes is £150. This fee includes everything from consultation, health check, scan, same day reports and a bespoke diet plan if needed. Follow up fee is £90.00 (60-90 minutes). Two reports are compared, before and after changes are noted. Appointments can be booked by calling 0203 818 9440 or see here.

Where: Minerva Research Labs, 1-6 Yarmouth Pl, Mayfair, London W1J 7BU [...]. '' Click here to find top 10 ways to improve your week in London.