Skincare the easy way: for busy mums


''Who doesn’t want flawless younger looking skin? We’d all love this right? It doesn’t always seem achievable though does it?

Both women and men are looking for perfection in their appearance, meanwhile they are juggling work, a family, running a home trying to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle and deal with the day-to-day issues live throws in the way.

Minerva Research Labs have developed a potential part solution to this with their reformulated Active Gold Collagen® liquid beauty supplement. ACTIVE GOLD COLLAGEN® is a multitasking beauty solution designed to offer you more than just skincare. Did someone say multitasking? It’s got to be worth a closer look then!

It is specifically formulated to promote younger and healthier looking skin, hair and nails whilst looking after muscles, joints, bones and your overall well-being so you can carry on with your busy life looking and feeling great. Even better still, it incorporates Stevia for natural sweetness and has an improved apple and mango flavour.

The multi-purpose liquid beauty supplement is composed of Hydrolysed Collagen which activates the collagen producing cells to create plump and healthy skin with reduced wrinkles and lines whilst hyaluronic acid boosts skin hydration and smoothness and Vitamin C creates an even skin tone.If offers more than just a skincare solution, though, its new and improved formulation helps contribute to the growth of muscle mass with L-Carnitine, supports the health of bones and joints with Glucosamine, Vitamin D and **NEW** Chondroitin as well as reduced fatigue with Vitamin B6 – something every parent needs! [...]. Please click here to read full post on Mummyfever blog.

Active Gold Collagen® Active Gold Collagen®