New trend for celebrities : Sheet Face Masks


''From Justin Bieber to Cristiano Ronaldo, stars are going crazy for sheet face masks. Find out what they do and which mask is the best for your skin type.

It’s been hard to avoid the male celebs taking to Instagram to show their love for sheet face masks. First there was Cristiano Ronaldo (top right), football's ultimate poser, (who loves a bit of pampering) in a Hannibal Lecter style half sheet mask, then P Diddy/Diddy/Sean Combs was all too happy to share his with the disclaimer: “everything ain’t for everybody!” Next, Guardian’s of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt (top middle), slipped one on for Letterman with the caption: “I’m wearing this creepy mask because it will make me look more radiant?” More recently, it was Ricky Martin’s turn (in a hardcore version) who casually asked “any plans?”. Even baby-faced Bieber (top left) got some sheet mask action as part of his pre-Grammys prep.

What, exactly, is a sheet mask, you ask? The answer: it's a mini facial in a packet. The kind of thing we feel faintly ridiculous wearing, and always behind firmly closed doors, has gone very public. We’ve started an office sweep stake on the first Brit man to come out as a sheet mask fan - Malik? Beckham? Gandy? Joey Essex? - it’s just a matter of time...

So, do these disposable, single-use, serum infused face masks actually work? The answer is yes. They give instant results for a variety of skin concerns. Not only that, they are really easy to pack as they come in individually wrapped sachets that won't leak and are well under the 100ml airline fluid rule. You can take exactly what you need for your trip and they can be stored in the fridge to give them an extra refreshing edge (we stick ours in the mini bar on arrival).[...]

Despite the name, this mask doesn't contain any collagen, the primary protein responsible for keeping skin wrinkle free. Mainly because the molecules are too large to penetrate the epidermis anyway. Instead, this mask relies on hyaluronic acid, a common plumping ingredient found in many anti-ageing moisturisers. You have to keep this on for 40 minutes and do it lying down, as it has a very slippery, jelly like texture. After about 20 minutes the liquid had all been absorbed, but we still had another 20 to go. Our skin was really shiny afterwards but this is absorbed quickly and it felt very moisturised, although it didn't feel radically different the morning after. [...]. Please click here to read full post.

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