Nutricosmetics products promising better skin, hair and nails


''Imagine a holiday without sun cream – no white streaks or sticky skin acting like a magnet to the sand. Instead, your protection has already been delivered neatly and efficiently by a daily pill, leaving you to relax, unfettered by worries about whether you’ve missed a bit on your back.

That’s the future, according to trend forecasters, who predict that global sales of ingestible beauty – stuff you swallow, rather than apply – will reach £5billion by 2020, more than double the £2.3billion we spent in 2013. Dubbed ‘nutricosmetics’, these powders, drinks and pills are set to radically change our beauty routines. While the sun protection pill and a tablet that will apparently stop hair going grey are still in development, shelves are already heaving with ingestible products that promise to smooth skin, strengthen nails and give you hair worthy of its own shampoo advert.

In many ways, this isn’t surprising. The link between what we eat and how we look is a given and, from contraceptives to isotretinoin (for acne sufferers), we know pills can have a huge impact on our skin – often proving more effective than something we apply topically. “If you think about how few drugs are delivered in patch format, and how many are by pill or injection, that gives you an idea of how difficult it is to get something through the skin,” says Dr Gary Moss of the School of Pharmacy at Keele University[...]''Click here to read full article.

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