Mother's day gift guide


'' GOLD COLLAGEN ® FORTE is a fantastic gift for Mum this year if she is looking for a way to help strengthen and nourish her hair and nails.  My Mum loves her nails, it is one of the things she always ensures in done beautifully. Gold Collagen Forte is also great for the skin and aids in hydrating, nourishing and improving elasticity which in turn helps the reduction of wrinkles. This formulation has been designed especially for women over the age of forty.  So, this is the perfect gift for the Mum who wants to look after herself, it is a 10 day program contained in individual bottles, drinking one per day that is packed with vitamins, collagen and minerals to make your Mum look and feel younger.  It’s even Gluten Free, suitable for diabetics, halal and kosher! .'' Click here to have a look on Mother's Day gift guide.

Gold Collagen Forte Gold Collagen Forte