Hydrogel Mask by Gold Collagen - Blogger's Review


''       You probably already know of the importance to regularly hydrate your skin in order to keep it healthy-looking. I recently discovered the Gold Collagen drink, and I completed a 30-day programme of the Active beauty supplement – read my review . Minerva Research Labs didn’t stop there. They have utilised their knowledge of the skin, and excelled themselves by designing a hydrogel mask to help us keep our skin youthful and healthy – from both inside and out.

The Gold Collagen facial mask was initially only available as a gift if you purchased a 30-day programme from Boots before Christmas. After all the interest and fuss it created among celebrities, models and beauty bloggers, all evident on Instagram, now it’s officially available to be purchased online. '' Click here to read full review on Balgarka blog .

Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask Gold Collagen Hydrogel Mask