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Here’s How To Burn Fat While You Eat


'' Torching calories as you chew sounds too good to be true, but stocking your fridge with the right foods could be the secret to whittling your waist.

As the holy grail of fitness goals, achieving washboard abs can feel like an unattainable dream, alongside Jennifer Aniston’s hair and Victoria Beckham’s husband.

But while the popular answer used to be countless crunches and the consumption of a calorie-restricted diet, the reality couldn’t be more different. Although adopting the less is more approach may seem logical, to see long-lasting results, we actually need to be eating more – more fat-burning foods that will not only fill our bodies with the nutrients they need but give us the flat stomachs we're always wanted[...]

Nutritionist Vidhi Patel ( agrees that thermogenic food should be part of a wider nutritional picture. “We must eat a variety of foods on a daily basis to actually extract the macro and micro nutrients for our body to be healthy and survive at optimum functional levels. However, one must consume at least three types of thermogenic food every day to see the best results. Our bodies need a combination of three macronutrients daily: protein (thermogenic), healthy fats and carbohydrates[...]'' Click here to read full article on Your Fitness Magazine.

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