Gold Collagen Forte


" I had a 30 day program which included 3 packs of 10 x 50ml bottles, the bottles each contain 5000 mg of Hydrolysed Collagen, 34 kcal and a whole host of added Vitamins, including Zinc, Copper and Biotin.
The little bottles were a convenient way of taking the product and great for if you are out and about, I took mine in the evenings, as while they are only 34 cals they are so sweet they served my sweet urge in the evenings for very few calories. They were popped straight into the recycle bin being glass. While taking Collagen there is a definite improvement in the moisture levels of my skin, making it plumper, brighter and I am sure I just feel generally better overall, my nails and hair also have shown signs of improvement, in that neither are as dry as they were.
Would I continue using ?  100% [...]"   Click here to read full review .

forte-pack-shot Gold Collagen Forte