Is the future of beauty pill shaped? Stylist investigates nutricosmetics products you swallow, not apply

'' Nutricosmetics – beauty products you ingest rather than apply – promise everything from firmer skin to thicker hair. But do they actually work?

Imagine a holiday without sun cream – no white streaks or sticky skin acting like a magnet to the sand. Instead, your protection has already been delivered neatly and efficiently by a daily pill, leaving you to relax, unfettered by worries about whether you’ve missed a bit on your back[...].

“If there’s no robust evidence that a supplement works, it won’t be successful,” says Emily Saunders, beauty buyer at Selfridges where nutricosmetics are a keystone of the store’s new everyBODY campaign. “Shoppers now extensively research products before investing, so they will lean towards those with proven results.”

And this is having an impact. In recent years, manufacturers of a number of products have had trials published in peer-reviewed journals. One piece of research showed that Perfectil Platinum protected skin against the ageing effects of cold weather, leaving women with fewer fine lines. Another found that Imedeen Time Perfection can improve the appearance and moisture levels of sun-damaged skin. While liquid Gold Collagen (£107.97 for one month’s supply, significantly reduced the depth of wrinkles[...]''. Click here to read full article in Stylist magazine.

Gold Collagen® in Stylist Gold Collagen® in Stylist