Form an orderly queue – Season 3 is here!


''Sound the beauty klaxon! After Season 2 flew off the shelves we thought it was only fair to bring out the beauty big guns. Enter: The Powder Beauty Drawer Season 3 (excuse us while we just hyperventilate into a brown paper bag – breathe, breathe). You’re in for a treat.

In our starring line up this season are 13 products, including a whopping six full-sized ones, which will be match-made to your beauty needs. This means you won’t be getting a product for dry skin when you’re oily, or bold make-up hues if you prefer something a little more understated. We’ve got your backs, girls.

Our third box is bursting with beauty blockbuster brands including (drum roll please…) Shiseido, Eucerin and Moroccanoil, along with plenty of others we know you’ll love. It’s worth £117, but it’s yours for just £29.99. Now that’s what we call a beauty bargain.Here’s what you’ll get in your box[...]'' Click here to see the full range of products you'll get in the box.

Pure Gold Collagen in Powder Pure Gold Collagen in Powder