Beauty hacks for a radiant glow with nutritionist Vidhi Patel


''Having glowing skin is something we strive for all year round, even more so when it comes to spring/summer and we don’t want to wear as much makeup. So here’s the beauty hacks you need to know for a radiant glow from within.

How our skin looks comes down more to what we put in our body, as opposed to what we put on it, so starting to take care of yourself will result in better skin from within.

GOLD COLLAGEN®’s nutritionist Vidhi Patel has outlined top nine beauty hacks for achieving radiant glow this summer.

Zinc is the most important nutrient to slow down the ageing process. Zinc can be found in seafood, egg yolk, seeds and nuts.

Top tip: Try not to drink for at least 10 minutes after eating nuts and seeds. Liquid will dilute their goodness and will not help digestion. [...] Click here to find out which are the beauty hacks for a glowing skin.

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