Active Gold Collagen 30 Day Review


'' My parent’s gave me many things in life, their dodgy knees being one of them. Being a curvy girl who’s trying to lose weight it can make things hard. I’ve taken supplements before and found them either little help or I forget to take them. So the idea of a tasty, easy to drink supplement certainly appealed.

Although my job does involve sitting down it’s probably only for 20 minutes an hour, so combined with going to the gym I feel I’m a fairly active person, especially when I’m with my niece, nephew or god-daughter as they constantly have me on the go.

Active Gold Collagen is formulated for both men and women with busy active lifestyles. It contains, collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondoitin, glucosamine and L-Carnitine. Sweetened only with Stevia it has a pleasant apple and mango taste. I recommend lightly shaking the bottle before drinking. I did check and unfortunately they aren’t suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Active Gold Collagen works from within to:

Promote younger looking skin
Help support healthy looking hair
Improve skin hydration and suppleness
Help support muscles and joints

Active Gold Collagen can be taken in either a 10, 30 or 90 course with different benefits as the course length increases. I tried the 30 day course as this is where you start to really feel a difference.

I also tried the 30 day Gold Collagen Defence tablets alongside to help protect against collagen loss. These contain a blend of 17 active ingredients to enhance skins ability to fight free radicals. A lot of the vitamins duplicate those in multi-vitamins so could be used in place of them, with any additionally required supplements added.

Gold Collagen Defence® Gold Collagen Defence®

The drinks certainly taste pleasant but as I said are better lightly shaken. I took my drink in the morning, but there didn’t seem to be any recommendation as to which time is better. I started to notice an improvement after about a week. I wondered if I was imagining it as a placebo effect, but my circuits instructor commented how my technique and performance seemed to have improved. I also track my calories using an apple watch and the calories burnt improved week on week. And most importantly my knees didn’t seem such a hindrance!

Gold Collagen®Review Gold Collagen®Review

I was certainly impressed and delighted with the results. It can be expensive but now I’ve had a head start I’ll continue to purchase the defence capsules, especially as an occupational hazard of my job means I’ll no doubt get several colds this winter. I think I will also purchase 10 day courses from time to time to boost myself when needed [...].'' Click here to read full review on the blog.