Active Gold Collagen 30 Day Review


'' My parent’s gave me many things in life, their dodgy knees being one of them. Being a curvy girl who’s trying to lose weight it can make things hard. I’ve taken supplements before and found them either little help or I forget to take them. So the idea of a tasty, easy to drink supplement certainly appealed.

Active Gold Collagen® Active Gold Collagen®

Although my job does involve sitting down it’s probably only for 20 minutes an hour, so combined with going to the gym I feel I’m a fairly active person, especially when I’m with my niece, nephew or god-daughter as they constantly have me on the go.

Active Gold Collagen is formulated for both men and women with busy active lifestyles. It contains, collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondoitin, glucosamine and L-Carnitine. Sweetened only with Stevia it has a pleasant apple and mango taste. I recommend lightly shaking the bottle before drinking. I did check and unfortunately they aren’t suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Click here to read full review on Really Ree Beauty and Style.