5 Habits that super-boost my day


''It’s my birthday this month. (Isn’t May the best month for birthdays? The blossom is out and it feels like Mother Nature is celebrating with you.) I would never be one for Botox (not that I’m judgemental of anyone who has it but I’m just scared I’d look a bit strange without all my lines) plus I like to think I’m getting older and wiser, and want to embrace the process. I’d like to look the best I can so I’m experimenting with drinking a little bottle of award-winning Gold Collagen every day. It claims to nourish your skin and fight the appearance of early signs of ageing. Maybe not so early in my case. Collagen production begins to decline at a rate of about 1 percent a year in our mid-twenties and goes rapidly downhill in our forties. There is a whole raft of new products, which claim to boost collagen production. I am trying a 90-day programme and am 20 days in and I’ve had a few comments about ‘how well I’m looking.’ I keep mine in the fridge and a quick glug with my porridge every morning is my hopeful lurch for the holy grail of looking ‘good for my age.[...]''Please click here to read full post on the blog.

Suzy Greaves_Pure Gold Collagen®_May 2016 Suzy Greaves_Pure Gold Collagen®_May 2016