''Lifestyle choices can be the determining factor on how we feel about ourselves.  Whether that’s mentally or physically.So I wanted to give myself a little bit of a body and mind make over.

Now that I’m in my 30’s I have been looking more into the various way of how I can successfully maintain my youth for that bit longer.  Consuming hydrolysed collagen seems to be one solution that I’m keen to test.

As your body ages, the production of collagen reduces dramatically.  This results in the ageing process.  While we can’t prevent ageing there are some studies that show you can slow it down.

Active Gold Collagen is a drink shot which targets fine lines, skin ageing, hair loss and also helps support muscle repair and cartilage damage.

While vanity is one reason to drink this, I also suffer from diastasis recti after having my son, so I’m always trying to reconnect and repair the muscles that have been damaged by his birth size.[...]. Please click here to find 10 ways to a healthier body and mind on TheLondonMum blog.

Active Gold Collagen® Active Gold Collagen®