About Us


A passion for Japan and the curiosity about the ancient traditions of the country were the starting points for Tony Sanguinetti, founder and Managing Director of Minerva Research Labs Ltd.

Whilst on a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, the visionary businessman Tony was fascinated by the Japanese reverence for the appearance of women.

The art of beauty and precise care of their face and bodies through non-invasive methods can be seen in the form of taking collagen as part of their established, daily beauty routine. From this trip the idea was born of offering, to the European market, a product that encompasses the Japanese secret of radiant skin.

The goal was to create and market a beverage containing collagen, anti-oxidant substances, vitamins and hyaluronic acid by leveraging Japanese as well as European expertise. From the research laboratories of MINERVA and the ancient wisdom of Japan comes the revolutionary Pure GOLD COLLAGEN®, the new skincare solution for beautiful skin.

A sip of Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® offers all the ingredients that science and nature have created for the beauty of the skin in a unique and innovative formula.

Company Overview

MINERVA Research Labs Ltd operates from commercial headquarters in Mayfair, London. MINERVA’s scientific knowledge and product research draws on the experience of the most advanced nutricosmetic market in the world, Japan. We weight European competence through reputable partners such as the University of Oxford, Lipoid in Germany, Polaris in France and a strategic alliance with Rousselot SAS (the largest producer of collagen in Europe).