Pure Gold Collagen Anti-Ageing Supplement


Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® is a new generation liquid food supplement


Pure Gold CollagenBoost your natural production of collagen with one bottle of Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® a day*.

The active ingredients will nourish your skin, hair and nails from within* giving you a radiant glow, luscious hair and stronger nails.

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The Evidence

Results of a UK clinical study on 108 volunteers showed:

12% increase in skin hydration after three weeks of use

Fine lines were reduced by 15% and deep wrinkles by 27% after six weeks

Those who took Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® for nine weeks found that skin elasticity increased by 20%

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What our customers are saying:

‘Radiant’, ‘Plumper’, ‘Healthier’, ‘Glowing’

Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® has been on the UK market for more than 2 years and is already an essential part of the beauty regimes of tens of thousands of customers who enjoy the benefits and it’s pleasant peach flavour.

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When do I take it?

when do I take it?

Take one 50ml bottle daily for three weeks to trigger noticeable hydration results, and six weeks to help reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Nine weeks or longer is recommended for plumper and younger looking skin.

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